MEII Publications

TitlePorous rollers offer new approach to tape-path design challenges
PublicationData Storage Magazine, June 2001, page 26
Abstract The MEII porous roller prevents the development of an air film between the roller surface and the tape. The pores are small enough that tape damage didn't occur, even with the thinnest of tapes, and the tape remained in direct contact with the roller, even at high speeds. Another advantage of the porous roller is that a tachometer can be attached to it, and since the spool spins at the same rate as the tape movement, it is possible to accurately and consistently measure tape speed by measuring spool speed.
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TitleEliminating the reel motor position sensor in a tape drive
PublicationComputer Technology Review, December 2001 (part 1), January 2002 (part 2)
Abstract An electronic system that utilizes dynamic impedance changes in the windings of an electric motor to measure and monitor the mechanical position. The method employs a bridge amplifier to measure the voltage at a center node of the driven motor windings against a voltage derived from a reference network.
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TitleFPGA-Based DPLL Approach Delivers Wide-Lock Range_files
PublicationCommsDesign, January 11, 2005
Abstract Although many designs for digital phase-lock loops (PLLs) exist, most of them are buried in proprietary ASICs. This article presents a simple, second-order digital circuit implemented on a field programmable gate array (FPGA).
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PublicationData Center Management, July/August 2007
Abstract Using damaged or worn out cartridges can be expensive. Lost data can be costly and in some situations impossible to recover. Is it feasible to know which cartridges should be retired? Fortunately, there is a very reliable historical data source.
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TitleKnow when to retire Storage Tape Media
PublicationProcessor, July 20, 2007
Abstract Components such as a cartridge memory chip can potentially offer an abundant amount of information about the history and condition of cartridges and tape. (processor page 24)
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